Internet Supply

The  internet supply in most schools will be managed through the Network for Learning (N4L)

The vast majority of these schools will connect to N4L’s Managed Network via fibre. However, if there is no fibre available in the area, wireless or satellite technologies are used instead. Connections for state, state-integrated and partnership schools are fully-funded.

The integrity of this service has a major impact on learning where we are working in Digital Learning Environments.

You can contact N4L directly if worried about your network performance. The allocation of bandwidth is on the basis of Roll so be aware that increases in students attending your school may increase your bandwidth eligibility. 

Your tech support service provider should be able to provide assistance also.

As at July 2013 this was the eligibility. New-alloction-2014.jpg

Another impact on internet supply is Web filtering. This can effect the performance of websites and in some cases may prevent them from being accessed completely.

More information on Web filtering is covered on a page dealing directly with this