Network management

Technical Network connectivity is  a key requirement as this is the connection of the student to their learning from their device through to the internet, its services and back. Keeping that chain problem-free is critical to maximise learning time. Downtime in learning is a common result when the maintenance of those layers are not given sufficient attention.

Within 1:1 programmes reliant on this managing the school’s network is a group effort relying significantly on clear and timely information flows.

Planning for Success

The clusters service provider needs information to ensure that the schools network can support the learners devices well. 

Plan to meet in term 3 to make intentions known and again in term 4 to confirm these. The type of information needed is:

How many devices are they  potentially looking after and when each school is starting in the one to one space ?

Where are any new 1:1 classes to be located in the school and if any classes are being moved where to.

Resolve Network Issues  

The success of digital learning environments is heavily dependent on reliability of the network supporting the learners. For clusters operating with Fusion network support the process of addressing and managing issues is an electronic one. Fusion networks represent the first level of support. NB Some schools used to write such requests in a notebook that the technician would look at when visiting the school. Moving to the ticket database allows for increased efficiency and visibility of the ticketing process.

Establish a ticket

When resolution seems hard to achieve (process for engaging the Tech Wrangler)

Some recommended settings for Devices and device management