The web filtering in our digital learning environments is important for its impact on learning for teachers and students. 

We want to be able to as a school is make sure that we can add access to things that we need for learning if they are blocked.

We also want to ensure that we are making smart decisions

In most cases schools will have web filtering and internet supply through N4L (Network for Learning).

Schools and Boards of trustees want to get this right and the way to do get this right may change over time. For

example there maybe a change in the way large service providers such as N4L, Hapara or Google operate affecting filtering.

Things that Web filtering and firewalls  could affect are:

  • Access to Hapara Teacher Dashboard features (particularly Hapara Highlights)

  • Access to social media that the schools uses

  • Access to learning sites that may be filtered

Your service provider should have knowledge of how the filtering operates and what is in place: