Blogging empowers our learners to establish an authentic audience for their learning outcomes and personifies our cluster goals and  learn, create, share pedagogy. Blogging is also a key component of our Cybersmart curriculum.
Blogging is one of the likely first available vehicles for learn create share development..
That is also one of the strongest enabler of accelerated learning makes it an early facilitation process.
We want to conform closely to the following protocols of blog establishment and facilitation.

Systems Steps

1  Create the Blog admin account This super Admin user will 'own' the blogs. This way management have access to them at any time. When students move from class-to-class over the years the blog can be easily accessed. And of course if anything unpleasant happens the school can take charge of the situation quickly.(each admin account can manage upto 100 blogs)

Class blogs

 Set up the spreadsheet to act as the registry of school blogs here is a copiable sample

 Put the details of the class blog on the spreadsheet 
URL to be eg for a teacher Surname Barnes at Pt England school

If blogs are already created within a school take a retrospective step of adding them to the spreadsheet

4 Once the blog is created invite the teacher to be an author and then give them admin rights

Students are not authors of classblogs they can be enable to send post via email using a secret address. These posts should be set to go to drafts.

5 Connecting to an investigating others blogs - see

6 Create some whole staff opportunities

Try to have a portal to school blogs even if it is basic

Get ready for individual blogs 

It can look like this (drawing)

Individual blogs write about me in a google doc