Characteristics of Manaiakalani Outreach Clusters

This is what we do


  • The Default is Public - learning is visible

  • Schools and clusters have a clearly identified Achievement Challenge and clear methods of measuring shift.

  • Schools share their achievement data with each other, across their cluster and with the other schools and clusters in the Manaiakalani Programme

  • All staff - teachers and administrators implement the Learn Create Share pedagogy

Digital Solutions

  • Schools nominate the year level(s) to have a fully digital learning programme and by the end of the second year of the Outreach. These class levels will be 1:1 with student owned devices

  • Students in 1:1 use their unique personal device (as opposed to sharing a device with other students)

  • All staff should be working in the GAFE domain supported by Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard

  • All students use the same device within a procurement generation

Whanau engagement

  • Parents invest in their child's future by purchasing their learning device

  • Clusters run a programme to upskill parents with their own digital skills so they can become more engaged in their children's learning

  • Clusters inaugurate and sustain a Boards Forum

Infrastructure provider

A single provider is used for 1:1 infrastructure and student device setup and support across all schools in the cluster

This provider need to meet these requirements.

  • Ticketing system visible to/across schools

  • Experience with chromebooks

  • Authority to operate some repairs under warranty

  • Have experience maintaining/deploying enterprise level wireless

  • Provide performance statistics/information regarding repair

  • Experience in GAFE domain creation and administration

  • AppleTV and Chromecast - network experience

Our recommendation is Fusion. Use of an alternative provider can be discussed with the cluster.