Manaiakalani Outreach

Manaiakalani Education Trust (MET)

Chairperson - Pat Snedden

CEO - Jenny Oxley

Meet the Manaiakalani Outreach Team

Outreach Programme Manager

Nikki Carter

021 747 100

Manager of overall programme, including resource coordination and deployment. Overview of quality control to ensure quality of delivery

Outreach Delivery Manager

Dave Winter

021 176 9425

Responsible for developing and delivering programme content

Education Programme Leader

Dorothy Burt

Accountable for pedagogical programme design and overall delivery of content

Tech Wrangler

David Czepanski

Problem solver for systems integration in the cluster and technical solutions for immediate problems of interest. Procurement of devices

Convenor Support

Russell Burt

Support for the convenors in relation to cluster leadership and community engagement

Relationship Management

Pat Snedden

Communication support for Boards of Trustees and Outreach Trusts. Partnership management and investment generation

Trust Management

Jenny Oxley

Assistance with Trust set up and participating with the MET in national and international partnerships

Admin and Systems Manager

Anita Sarich

Assistance with administration systems for managing the one to one devices