Learning devices are essential to upholding the Manaiakalani Kaupapa/Programme.

We are supporting our communities of schools to relocate into the digital age, becoming

“At Home in a Digital World - Dorothy Burt

Developing staff to use the affordances of technology to accelerate learning outcomes, becoming 

“Future Focused Learners in Connected Communities”

- Dorothy Burt

With these goals in mind a procurement committee convened by Manaiakalani undertakes a rigorous process to determine the best chromebook and tablet devices for schools. Working together as a collective we are able to put the most powerful and fit for purpose devices in the hands of our learners.

The procurement process involves testing by:

  • learners

  • teachers

  • the Manaiakalani Hackers

  • independent consultants

  • our procurement partners

The Devices selected for the 2017 procurement cycle are

iPad 2 Air with Case and Stylus

Chromebook Device

Acer c730e

iPad 2


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