Partners and Supporters

From the beginning we have reached out to potential allies and welcomed wide-ranging commitments. Over time we have developed a new kind of public good partnership with diverse groups: our growing school cluster (including children and their families, teachers, principals and boards of trustees), philanthropic organisations, individual and corporate donors, educational academics and consultants, commercial partners, government agencies, technologists and volunteers. It is humbling that many of the Manaiakalani cluster's original partners have gone on to support Manaiakalani Outreach, so that the benefits of the Manaiakalani approach can be shared more widely.

                                         Thank You Spark from KPE TV on Vimeo.

  • NEXT Foundation is making it possible for 8,000 priority learners in poor and stressed communities throughout New Zealand to experience accelerated achievement through supporting Outreach schools in their own adoption of the Manaiakalani Learn Create Share pedagogy. This transformation is occurring via changed teacher practice within a digitally enabled learning environment, supported by an investment strategy led by parents. The NEXT Foundation is backing Manaiakalani Outreach and its activities from 2015 - 2017. This includes funding for independent research and evaluation in relation to student achievement outcomes.
  • Spark Foundation injected $1 million over four years 2012-2015, followed by a further $1.2m over 2014-2016 towards Outreach. The Spark Foundation  has been instrumental in enabling Manaiakalani to provide expert resources to participating  Outreach clusters,  through direct provision of professional learning and development, leadership guidance, and infrastructure readiness advice. Spark Foundation is also supporting research into the outcomes being achieved, including an Innovative Teacher Programme that continues to push boundaries of digital learning approaches and share information, techniques and tools that are the building blocks of the Manaiakalani programme. 
  • Ministry of Education is contributing to specialist PLD delivery in all Manaiakalani outreach clusters. Previously it has supported research and evaluation and PLD across the Manaiakalani network of schools.
  • Foundation North (previously ASB Community Trust) has been the Manaiakalani Education Trust's foundation sponsor from 2012 - 2014. In 2015, Foundation North is helping to fund education programme leadership, whanau engagement and Trust administration in Auckland and Northland school clusters though a special grant of $500,000. 
  • Samsung Electronics New Zealand is supporting our Professional Learning and Development programme through funding a specialist facilitator. They are also helping with Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy programme coordination, and providing education scholarships that encourage the pipeline impact of high performing students going on to Tamaki College.

Our partners are essential to helping us achieve our vision of creating 21st century citizens who are ‘at home in a digital world’. Their collective contributions – financial, services, resources, ideas, encouragement and credibility – are enabling the lives of young people and their whanau right across New Zealand.