Learning devices are essential to upholding the Manaiakalani Kaupapa/Programme.

We are supporting our communities of schools to relocate into the digital age, becoming

“At Home in a Digital World - Dorothy Burt

Developing staff to use the affordances of technology to accelerate learning outcomes, becoming 

“Future Focused Learners in Connected Communities”

- Dorothy Burt

With these goals in mind a procurement committee convened by Manaiakalani undertakes a rigorous process to determine the best chromebook and tablet devices for schools. Working together as a collective we are able to put the most powerful and fit for purpose devices in the hands of our learners.

The procurement process involves testing by:

  • learners

  • teachers

  • the Manaiakalani Hackers

  • independent consultants

  • our procurement partners

The Devices selected for the 2017 procurement cycle are

iPad 5th Gen 32GB, 9.7” screen, Case and Stylus

Chromebook Device

Acer c731 Specification sheet


Device Flyer

Device Procurement 2018