Taking Care of Your Device

Insurance Companies will not consider a claim that has been caused  through negligence, abuse or malicious damage. So responsible care of your device is critical.

When using your device

1. No food or drink is allowed near your device.

2. If you are charging your device while using it, you must work in a space so that no one will be able to walk or damage your charger while you are using it. Make sure the cables will not create a hazard to the device or other people.

3. If you are working at a table, keep your device away from the edges and other contents that could lead to the damage of your device.

4. If you are working on the floor, choose a space where people can see you so they don’t trip over and hurt you, themselves or the device.

5. If you leave the classroom or house your device must be locked in the chosen safe place.

6. Always carry your device in its bag/sleeve.

7. Have a safe place for charging and storing while not in use.

When moving your device

1. If you are passing your device to anyone or carrying your device in the classroom you must:

a) ensure the lid is closed.

b) carry it with two hands.

c.) carry one device at a time.

2.When devices are being carried anywhere outside they must be:

a) inside their bag.

b) the bag must be carried by its handles OR inside a suitable school bag/backpack.

c) it must be protected from rain and wet or damp conditions at all times.