Infrastructure for learning

Modern learning pedagogies require the building of a solid platform for a broad collection of technologies. It is a process of replacing the tools that were used in the past analogue world with tools that are useful in the current and future digital world. Those tools create visibility, connectivity and collaboration for an emerging lateral learning environment that is starting to integrate formal school learning with informal interest-based learning.

The infrastructural layers are both physical and systems layers.
  • An ultrafast broadband solution (n4l) configured to match our needs
  • An effective cloud solution that makes learning visible (Google Apps for Eduction)
  • A carefully selected and managed Client device for students
The Manaiakalani process to address the challenge of moving from an analogue to a digital learning environment centers on an effective cloud solution, in this case Google Apps for Education (GAFE). GAFE situates exercise books in the cloud, whereby learning becomes visible.

Fusion Networks 
Fusion network are our core infrastructure partner. What Fusion does is explained by Andrew Gurr the Managing Director of Fusion Networks. video