A Tech Wrangler will provide systems-integration support to the cluster to ensure the chain-of-technologies is working efficiently and effectively 24/7. Technical Network connectivity is key as this is the connection of the student to their learning from their device through to the internet and its services and back. Keeping that chain problem-free is critical to maximise learning time. Downtime in learning is a common flaw when the maintenance of those layers are not given sufficient attention. 
Learner’s can also cause considerable downtime in their own learning if they do not have sound routines in the way they interact with their digital devices. In the first and second year of the Outreach programme, schools will structure students around digital use. It is a scaffolded/disciplined beginning to the year. Schools have to attend to the digital routines. If not, they will be constantly fixing a myriad of little problems.

Technical Support - making sure of it

Technical Support has a special role in ensuring that we are technically ready and enabling students to digitally Learn -- Create -- Share 

To look deeper into this we have two approaches explained below:

The Tech Wrangler video
  • What does the Tech Wrangler do to help?
  • Keeping the chain problem free - Tier 2 support
  • Contact the Tech Wrangler
Digital routines and Student Agency
  • Some important digital routines
  • Being able to describe issues beyond "It's not working" 
  • Zabulon a student at Tamaki College talks about Student Agency and its positive impact video