The Manaiakalani Pedagogy is expected to achieve high behavioural and cognitive engagement in all learning spaces. It centers around the PLD implementation and the development of the "Learn, Create, Share" way of learning. The teaching and learning frameworks of the individual schools are the umbrella mechanism to activate and sustain the pedagogy, which is essential for learning, whānau engagement and device readiness. There is an expectation that all participants will constantly reflect on how well they are doing in relation to the Learn Create Share pedagogy. 

The Manaiakalani pedagogy ‘Learn, Create, Share’ puts our young people at the very centre of their learning. What we do to build this is ...

Pedagogically-focused PLD
  • Overview of Learn Create Share Dorothy Burt's blog
  • Beginning with Leaders,Teachers, Boards and Communities 
  • Sharing with colleagues in communities of practise
  • A three year process of gearing up -- every teacher -- special measures
  • Whole school pedagogy 
Visibility of Learn Create Share
  • Amplifying student achievement
  • Empowering Students - Geek Cafe Campbell Live video
  • The Default is Digital
  • Keys to visibility 
  • Learn Create Share across the curriculum and learning areas
    • Miss Aireen & Room 7 at Tamaki Primary video
    • Teachers Inquire: Create to Learn blog
Reflecting on Learn Create Share 

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