The technology development strand has a considered set of designed components. The pedagogy and other development strands are all be impacted hugely by our organisation/provision of Technology. Our combined efforts ensure the technology provides an optimised affordance for the learners in our network.

“At an age determined by the community, each child must have their own appropriate net connected, learning focused device.

Each development must have a cloud solution that ensures “visible learning” with appropriate feedback -feedforward, identity and access management, permissioning and portability. School infrastructure must be robust enough, that using these media is as reliable as opening a book. For any time, any place, any pace learning to be a reality, home access must be provided at an affordable cost with appropriate safety and security measures.” Russell Burt

Investment in infrastructure always pays off. “Where you're born has more to do with your future than just about anything else, and that's because of infrastructure.” Seth Godin

Each cluster is working with a single support partner to make infrastructure investments that are consistent and considered. The purposeful focus

The tech infrastructure for learning looks at internet supply, network management and web filtering

We understand that to be successful organizations we need Tech infrastructure. This not the learning, creating and sharing  but the things that allow that learning, creating and sharing to turn into something powerful.