Administration support

Once schools move to personalised student devices, administration support is essential to complete accounting, asset tracking, contract management and support for families/whānau/aiga.  

Administration support is about smoothing the way, simplifying processes and creating a support network to ensure that when things get broken they get fixed and back to the learner.


There are resources for administrators to call upon, professional learning opportunities connecting admin staff to pedagogy a support network  of others taking on thi important work. 

At the outset, the financial arrangements for the family’s repayment of the student device will be agreed, deposits paid and credit sale contracts signed for a 12, 24 or 36 month period. Parents will commit to repaying a set amount each week or month. Each contract is set up as a sale within the accounting system, and attention to detail is critical to ensure correct information.

A device will be allocated to a student and the device serial number becomes the unique identifier. As payments are received, these are reconciled on a regular basis within the accounting system, and payment progress reported to schools to provide information for their follow up with parents where required.   The device is managed and tracked within the asset system, which is used by the technical support to record warranty and repair history.