Middle Leaders Sessions

Our goal is to support middle leaders in their work with Manaiakalani teachers to shift classroom practise. Feedback from principals and senior leaders has been that this is an area they would like to focus on as a way to continue to develop classroom teacher expertise.

These sessions for middle leaders are to build on their expertise and knowledge to share effective practise with teachers in the Manaiakalani Programme. Our focus is in Literacy, in particular reading in primary classes and literacy across the curriculum in secondary schools.

The aim of these sessions is to equip leaders with tools to enact change with those they lead. It centres on the teacher as learner, in the broader context of ultimately improving student outcomes.

Themes were chosen as a result of the cluster principals’ discussions at the Wānanga at the end of 2021.

The sessions include two sections;

  • Leading from the Middle, focused on leadership capability

  • A literacy lens, selected by the cluster based on observational data, including Critical Literacy, Extended Discussion, and growing Assessment Capable Learners.

Middle leader session 1 2022 - Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle #1

Focus: Self assessment of leadership capability, having challenging-supportive coaching conversations.

Middle Leader Session 2 2022 - Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle #2

Focus: Strategic thinking and direction, building on leadership conversations with peers.