This is a Development guide to establishing and sustaining the technology that supports future focused learning using our learn create share pedagogy. 

We understand that to be successful future focused organizations we need to have well considered Technology  infrastructure.

The Technology stream includes 

Preparing and implementing Technology strategies are inextricably linked to other development and accelerated transformation .    

Looking after the connection of the student to their learning from their device through to the internet it services and back

We wanted a powerful learner device that would be affordable and be fixed if it gets busted - 3 years Warranty - 3 years insurance    

Learning Devices Supporting technologies

Year 3-13 (Chromebooks - What do we need)

Year 1-3

The tech provider should understand the learner, family and teachers are primary clients. Working together as a cluster/group to adopt one tech company has advantages in this pursuit.

When we  talk to schools who are interested in becoming part of the Manaiakalani programme, we discuss the advantages of one tech company for the whole cluster. This is because only in this way can schools get economy of scale, a single point of problem solving for a “systems integration environment”, and tried and proven methods for such things as systematic device roll-outs, community connectivity and resource sharing. We provide resources for groups looking to initiate as Request for proposals unifying Tech Support

As we have developed and optimised the systems we use the contribution of tech providers has also developed.

There are significant and far reaching benefits from having a highly capable service provider  who 

A number of providers in New Zealand schools are not ready to support where innovation has determined that new practices and technologies be deployed and respond to changing circumstances.  This can impact your security , network capacity and whether you have (fit for purpose procurement and infrastructure).