This is a Development guide to establishing and sustaining the technology that supports future focused learning using our learn create share pedagogy.

We understand that to be successful future focused organizations we need to have well considered Technology infrastructure.

The Technology stream includes

  • Internet supply/Network Smart and security

  • Learning Devices and supporting Technologies (1:1 classrooms)

  • Support Provision

Preparing and implementing Technology strategies are inextricably linked to other development and accelerated transformation .

Looking after the connection of the student to their learning from their device through to the internet it services and back

  • Fibre / N4l connectivity (The integrity of this service has a major impact on learning where we are working in Digital Learning Environments)

  • Enterprise wireless sufficient to support the number of devices for 2021. School infrastructure must be robust enough, that using these media is as reliable as opening a book. The impact of “slow network speeds” on learning can be acute.

  • Using the Iceberg metaphor Secure System design serves to create assurance for smart school governance and communities. We have identified what will ensure we are appropriately organised at an infrastructure and application level.

    • Google administration

    • N4L - bandwidth and filter application

    • Visible learning - Hapara teacher dashboard

    • Considered design of online system such as Google meetings, Sites, Blogger etc

  • We will support you with a knowledge base and network collective advantage to respond to new challenges and current practice. The consideration of privacy and security that happens at a network level affords a confidence and assurance for boards of trustees and school leaders.

We wanted a powerful learner device that would be affordable and be fixed if it gets busted - 3 years Warranty - 3 years insurance