The leadership challenge of moving schools safely and efficiently to the digital age (where each learner has their own device) is easily underestimated.

The programme works with school leaders to look at how to best effect and manage change. The leadership stream is to enable leaders to become aware of indicators of implementation fidelity and internal ownership of in school activity and development. The leaders as a group meet each term with Dorothy Burt (Manaiakalani Education Programme lead) to build understanding of the relocation to the digital age and how they can help lead this in their place. 

Convenors - Network leaders meet regularly throughout  the year to help build relationship with others sharing the same future focus. This is a place where new developments and learnings are shared as well as focusing on any issues across the network. This leader’s group has a key role in the coherence of the lateral learning network which is looking to gather up/recognise what works and ensure that all the young people in the network get its full benefit. Russell Burt (Convenor of the Manaiakalani schools cluster) will convene and lead this meeting each term. 

Research and development offers a special opportunity to Leaders as we seek to accelerate learning. Leaders work with both the Woolf Fisher research team and the Manaiakalani Innovation team to build capacity to respond to and inquire on the back of what the achievement and observation data is able to provide. This leadership learning will help with Network and School level development of inquiry and coaching plans. 

Principals will not need to submit formal milestone reports. Milestone reports to funders will be written by the MET team using  conversations and data gained in regular school visits by the Outreach team. These meetings will look at what might help principals lead change in their schools and connect them with what’s happening in schools across the network..

Leadership mentoring will be available through a partnership with the Springboard Trust.