Since 2019 Manaiakalani, in conjunction with Woolf Fisher Research Centre, have been working on a redesign of the observation tool, based on feedback from teachers and school leaders. This has led to the development of a couple of observation tools that will allow researchers, facilitators and school leaders to identify effective teaching, large scale trends and progress in teaching practice.

The summative research tool focuses on identifying big picture patterns and trends visible in teacher practice and to highlight examples of exemplary practice that could be shared across the community of Manaiakalani schools. Woolf Fisher will be training the Manaiakalani Programme facilitators to complete the observations - this includes a robust moderation process. Local facilitators will then train up school leaders to do the observations too, as this will increase the sample size for analysing and producing trend data.

A formative tool is also available for schools to use to observe their own teacher practice, have learning conversations and self identify progress in teaching reading. This has been provided in response to feedback from leaders and teachers about developing effective teacher practice further to accelerate outcomes for learners. This tool will not be used by Manaiakalani researchers.

Designing Learning With the End in Mind

This graphic shows the dimensions that the Research Observations will be focusing on.

Resources for Research Observations